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Risky business?

We have had the strangest feeling of anxiety lately venturing back into the world of live gigs. Playing music for audiences far and wide has always had its intrinsic hazards. Unknown variables of venue and audience. Will we be understood, appreciated, heard? But now we add a new twist.

I wonder if you have felt it heading out to see music, or playing out yourselves. Do you note the twinge of doubt, the flutter of fear, a slight hesitation of step?

The thoughts in the mind are subtle but clear. You are taking risk to step out. Is it worth it? Is The pursuit of what our society would call pleasure, frivolity, non-essential activity, warrant the potential for a lethal virus exposure? Does it cross your mind like it does ours? Do you question?

We do, and then we rationalize. Check the state mandates, use of protection. Outdoor only venues. The proximity to the audience. The vaccination. All these layers of safeguarding are listed. We add them to each load out with the instruments, mics, and PA head.

Then we justify any peril that remains. This is not just for fun you know. This is essential to our being. This is who we are. We cannot call life fully lived with out it. I suspect that we have all come to the same conclusion.

Ultimately, coming out of quarantine and back to the stages and into the world is what must be done. Risk be damned.

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