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About Anita 

Raised on the plains of Iowa, Anita started writing songs and playing guitar in her teens. She moved to California for school and found the Strawberry Music Festival and late-night jams. Delighted by the bluegrass twang, she picked up the mandolin and joined her first band. She recorded 3 albums with Three at Last, and 3 more with Spark & Whisper before forming The Musers in 2017.  Anita is The Musers’ Swiss Army Knife musician, intrigued by each instrument's unique voice, she has added the 4-string banjo, fiddle, and harmonica to her quiver of sounds. When not doing music you can find Anita gardening, painting, throwing pots, and exploring dirt trails on her mountain bike.


About Leslie 

Leslie Jackson is a lifetime traditional ethnic musician and dancer with 25+ years of Irish fiddle and mandolin and 10+ years of North African Classical music (Andalus). She grew up in the SF Bay Area in the Deely School of Irish Dancing and The Prince Charles Pipe Band, performing and competing across North America.  Leslie plays Cajon, triangle, and dancing feet in The Musers. When not playing music, Leslie is riding a bicycle.

About Megan 

Megan McLaughlin is an innovative guitar player, singer, and songwriter. She has a powerful, clear voice, and sings like the love child of Joni Mitchell and David Crosby. Megan plays guitars in standard, DADGAD, and CGDGCD tunings. Megan studied voice, composition, and theory in college, busked on the streets of Paris, and then studied guitar with Nina Gerber when love brought her to California in the 90’s. She produced three CDs between 1995 - 2010. Since retiring from teaching Kindergarten in 2017, she has turned her attention to mandolin, woodshedding, and writing lots of songs. When not playing music, Megan is doing Ashtanga Yoga and booking The Musers.

About Tom 

Tom’s musical journey began with the trumpet and baritone. Years later, he picked up the guitar to accompany himself while singing. This led him to attend Puget Sound Guitar Workshop and California Coast Music Camp where he was exposed to a wide variety of acoustic styles. After a brief foray into percussion, an influential teacher recommended he try the bass. The first time he played stand-up with a full ensemble, he never looked back. He borrowed an instrument and started bass lessons the following week! Tom has performed on bass in bluegrass, swing, country, folk, and other styles. He also loves funk and other groove-based music and raises the average height of The Musers to 5’7’'.

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