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The Musers are “free range folk “ Anita and Megan bring a sister-like harmony blend and award-winning songs to audiences all over their Bay Area homeland. With Tom’s grounded percussive bass groove, The Musers uplift their crowds with foot-stomping, joy-filled, high-energy performances of original bluegrass, swing, blues, Appalachian, Irish, and sassy cover tunes. Their 4th full-length studio CD, "Beautiful Mysteries" came out in April 2022.

Long Bio

The Musers are Sonoma County’s “free-range” folk. Made up of
Anita Bear Sandwina on banjolin, fiddle, mandolin,  guitar, and harmonica; Megan McLaughlin on guitar and mandolin;  Tom Kuhn on
bass; and Leslie Jackson on Cajon.

Anita and Megan's sister-like harmonies and award-winning songs cover  
a broad range of musical styles. Their subject matter is grounded in reverence for the earth and life.  When the Musers aren't playing you will find them harvesting vegetables and fruit from their garden, adventuring on bikes, swimming in wild water, or volunteering with a local tutoring service; all 

of them have been teachers before becoming touring musicians.

Their multi-instrumental chops create a wide variety of sounds that sets them apart from many other singer-songwriter outfits. This band of merrymakers delivers high-energy performances of their original bluegrass, swing, blues, Appalachian, Irish, as well as, Disco, and Funk cover tunes.  It is no wonder that they are beloved by their Bay Area home audiences.

 The group has 4 recordings out on all the streaming services.  “Beautiful Mysteries” their 4th full-length record came out in April 2022.

Press Quotes:

"The Musers have great songwriting and harmonies, you'll laugh, you'll cry...You'll think, you'll rejoice, you'll swing, you'll rock, you'll dance a jig!

"The Musers' music is so amazing. Their harmonies reach into my very soul!"

"The Musers are super musicians, and so down to earth too. I give them all thumbs up! They are pure joy!"

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