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Is it ok to be Joyful?

Right now we have the entire western united states on fire. The undeniable result of warmer dryer weather due to a changing climate. A pandemic that has punched all musicians in the gut, to say the least, and threatened and killed our loved ones to say the unfortunate truth. Deadly oppression continues to pummel our black and brown brothers and sisters. And don't forget the political climate that has descended into such polarity it seems we will never find common ground. Geez. It's no wonder we have to ask.

But we believe there is still a cause for joy. One simply must look inside to see where it is. One must choose it. We find it in the touch of a close loved one. (At least you can touch them.) When the air does finally clear enough to get outside we savor the shared wide, white, grins exchanged with our neighbors who feel just like we on this day; free at last to take a deep breath.

There is a sense of guilt for the ways that we do not suffer. We wonder should we tone it down? Wear our dark suits to the funeral that is the end of our current cultural paradigm?

We think not. We think in fact, that to continue to tap into our exuberance for life is paramount. One cannot be sad enough to make someone happy. One cannot be serious enough to make someone rejoice. One cannot suffer enough to the end suffering. Instead, one must live, love, and be as "bright as you can". (Thank you, Mike and Ruthie Band.) Indeed, your joy, our joy, where ever we can find it, may just raise us all up enough to get through this.

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LOVELY!!! Miss you guys sooo much, seems like Feebleblurry down here was The Last Fun Thing in Life! Been inching toward a small-scale thing in yet-warm weather here, just about all of it outside, but kinda discouraged about the idea of probably nobody coming....sheesh....

Thank you for pushing out such a sweet message! Y'all ROCK! Don' let up! Love, Jim

Me gusta
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