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Is it end of the world as we know it?

When we speak to students, friends, and neighbors these days we find that most folks are pretty sure we have entered the end times. This last week here in Northern California with fires burning so far and wide they darkened the mid-day skies, put our faith to the test. The orange pall had us looking at each other, and then out the window, expecting it to begin raining frogs. We suspect you have had your own moments of doubt too.

While The R.E.M. song "End of the world as we know it" has been climbing to the #1 spot on our internal playlist we are certain it is not the end of the world, but instead the beginning of the long-awaited change in the world. The change from competition to compassion. From pointing out the difference to appreciating diversity, from a world based on success for the one at expense of the other, to What-I-do-to-you-I-do-to-my-self awareness.

There is a new song emerging. We are sure of it. We can't hear how it goes yet. And still, we are all part of its creation. For now, we must allow the birth process to take its course. Perhaps we must be like midwives: We must take up our needlepoint, breath deep, and humming a few bars of Bowie's "Changes" hold out quiet confidence. It is coming. And it will be beautiful.

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